giovedì, giugno 14, 2007

Windows Live Writter

Microsoft ha rilascito Windows Live Writter beta 2.
Se ne è accorto qualcuno?

Solo oggi tutti lo hanno notato perché Google ha segnalato che supporta Blogger!

Ecco l'annuncio MS

Blogger Beta Update Available
Starting last Friday, Writer had problems posting to Blogger Beta. Since then, we've been busy getting a fix made and tested.
We've fixed the issue and have updated our Beta (to version 1.0.1 build 6 if you're keeping track). If you're using Blogger Beta, you should download and install the latest version of Writer. You can just install over your existing version of Writer, it will upgrade it automatically. Once you’ve installed the new version, you should re-add your Blogger Beta account and everything should work fine.
Sorry to everyone who was affected by these issues.
-Charles Teague

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